Akeneo PIM to Google Sheets add-on

Lets you import Akeneo data into your Google Sheets

Made by _Trilix.

for You
Pull data from Akeneo PIM via REST API in real-time
Boost your efficiency when working with Google Sheets
Report, monitor and analyze
Makes it easy to report, monitor and analyze your Akeneo data in Google Sheets
No needs to export data from Akeneo manually

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away

Connection with Akeneo PIM

To be able to use Akeneo PIM for Sheets add-on first of all we need to generate OAuth cliend id and secret on Akeneo PIM side.


To get started click on Add-ons → Akeneo PIM → Open.

Data Import

Akeneo PIM for Sheets add-on let's import almost all Akeneo PIM data in Google Sheets.

Data Analysis

Analyze your Akeneo PIM data with Explore in Google Sheets.

You might use Explore in Sheets to analyze different aspects of your data. Explore in Sheets can help you track down this information, and more importantly, visualize it.

Video Demo

To see Akeneo PIM for Sheets add-on in action just watch a short video.

Get Started in No Time

Akeneo PIM to Google Sheets makes it super easy to populate Google Sheets with your Akeneo PIM data.